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Lomger helps you understand Shopify data, design your campaigns and get a strong ROI.
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Our customers are retaining more



Investors always praise the cohort charts and segmentations pulled from Lomger! Thank you for building this app!


repurchase rates

Within the 1st month of using Retention Analytics.

$ 10M+


from over 200k orders from brands using Lomger.

RFM Segments

Measure your customer loyalty

Make smarter decisions. Faster.

Target your best customers
Find opportunities with RFM segments
Research what makes each segment buy
Send questions to each segment
Improve your personalized offers
Make contextualized offers for each lifecycle
Accelerate growth
Increase your profits like the best brands
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Cohort Retention

Analyze the path to better retention

Manage your customer lifecycle.

Create journeys for your customers
Increase how much they spend with your brand
See what is working better
Follow your results in real time
Increase lifetime value
Create opportunities for new products sales
Have instant insights for repurchases
Improve performance like a pro
Software screen with RFM graph

Your customer journey on auto-pilot


Import your shop data

After choosing your plan, it will automatically start


Set up Tags Auto-Sync

Link your RFM segments to your Shopify tags


Build journeys

Start conversations with your customers and watch conversions grow


Increase repurchases

Watch your lifetime value grow and build your brand

Auto-sync Tags Modal

Create data-driven experiences people love

Get insights to dig down into what's powering your growth the most.

Make customers for life

Hand crafted dashboards for everything from Recurring Revenue to Customer Churn.

Accelerate your growth

Your central hub that helps you see, and react to, everything that’s happening.

Turn revenue into profits

Stay informed about your customers, and bring those that are best for your business.

Find better targets

Stay informed with daily, weekly, or monthly reports on all your insights data.

Automate retention strategy

Create experiences for your brand, and turn it into a customer retention machine.

Uncover the next best offer

Organize your customers to bring meaningful and comparative insights across your dashboards.

Get more ROI

Improve your conversion rates by monitoring exactly what’s going on.

Scale your brand

Win customers for life and reinvest into your business to reach new markets and grow.

Lomger has what you need to improve retention. Ready to get started?
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